D E S I G N E R  L I G H T I N G

Instill beauty into any room interior with modern designer lighting from Kaia, offering a collection of chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Our range features artisanal contemporary lighting styles all hand-crafted using mouth-blown glass and brass from traditional family-owned workshops in Austria and Germany. Lights aren’t simply functional – they’re a chance to make a statement. An exquisite pendant or hand-crafted wall light can elevate your interior and become a talking point of its own. Across our collection, you can expect timeless luxury lighting solutions that blur the lines between functionality and artistry. From minimalist wall lights that almost blend into the background to sculptural chandeliers that deliver drama, discover modern designer lighting to complement interiors from the contemporary to the classic. Each of our designs pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship while championing sustainable materials and processes.