Contemporary wall lights handmade in Germany, dispatched from Germany.

Modern Wall Lights

Modern wall lights add depth and atmosphere to your home. Highlighting unique architectural features, contemporary wall lights can be used in any room to create ambience or as a striking task lighting solution.

Modern wall lights are often used as accent lighting in contemporary interiors to highlight unique architectural features. However, they can also supplement task lighting in areas such as the bathroom, where elegant elongated profiles of KAIA's modern wall lighting look particularly beautiful when placed in pairs on the sides of a vanity mirror. There is a large variety of different solutions, so let us walk you through some of our favourite KAIA contemporary wall lights:

The NEA collection, available in 300 mm and 500 mm, is our best-selling product. This long wall light boasts simple, minimalistic construction with an elegant glass tube mounted onto a solid brass bracket. This designer wall light, designed by Peter Straka, is available in six different finishes: Polished nickel, Brushed nickel, Brushed brass, Blackened brass, Aged brass and Patinated brass. Due to NEA's popularity, we collaborated with the Banda team to launch a marble wall light inspired by the original design. NEA MARBLE comes, again, in two sizes - 300 mm and 500 mm. You can choose from four different marble textures for this wall light, that include: White marble, Amber marble, Black marble and Black veined marble all mounted on a solid brass backplate.

You will love the MEL WALL collection if you are looking for a modern wall sconce with more than one light source. Inspired by geometric forms and designed by Peter Straka, its laser-cut brass bracket secures three LED glass tubes in place. KAIA’s contemporary take on a wall sconce, MEL WALL, comes in two sizes - 300 mm and 500 mm, and four different finishes - Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel, Aged brass and Blackened brass.

Another collection that showcases multiple light tubes is the LIA WALL SCONCE. Its striking design comes in traditional 300 mm and 500 mm, but also 1000 mm for projects requiring a large wall light. The magic of LIA's light fixture design is its striking and dramatic appearance, which gently blends into its surroundings when switched off. Available in four different finishes, including Brushed and Polished nickel and Brushed brass. Our favourite finish for LIA is Blackened Brass, which creates a dramatic contrast against the white colour of the LED light tubes. Last but not least, if you prefer large wall lights suspended from the side of the wall, make sure you look at LIA WALL 100, a stunning blend between wall light and pendant.

Hand blown spheres of the ORA collection also made their way into our modern wall light ranges. ORA WALL brass plates come in two different sizes - 140 mm and 200 mm. As ORA's glass spheres remain the same size, it creates two distinctive looks for each wall light. The larger 200 mm version beautifully frames ORA's light while the smaller 144 mm backplate gently blends into its surroundings. Often only seen through layers of ORA's handblown glass. A more dramatic reiteration is the ORA TWIN CEILING/WALL, where the wall backplate holds a solid brass stem in place from which two mouth-blown glass spheres are symmetrically secured.

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