Designer Pendant Lights handmade in Germany

Modern Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes, making them one of the most versatile lighting categories. Because of this, KAIA's Modern pendant lighting is suitable for almost any type of interior - from living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms all the way to commercial interior lighting projects.

Contemporary pendant lights are usually used as an effective source of task light to illuminate areas such as the dining table or a reading corner. However, some types of pendant lighting can also be used as accent lighting to highlight a room's architectural features.

Our Modern Pendant Lighting collection offers many styles and sizes to satisfy any interior lighting project. For those looking for small glass pendant lights, the ORA SINGLE PENDANT or ETU PENDANT are an excellent choice, showcasing luxury hand blown glass domes made by our Czech artisans. If you are after contemporary pendant lighting with clean and minimal lines, both LIA and LIN pendant suspensions have been designed to captivate when switched on and seamlessly blend into the interior surroundings when switched off.

Seekers of unique designer pendant lights, make sure you see our award-winning CANDLELIGHT collection or GLOW, which combine papier-mâché and glass to create a sculptural lighting piece that blurs the line between design and art. While those of you looking for large modern pendant lights, you will be spoilt for choice! There is the option of the ORA pendant collection with its hand blown glass spheres, round modern pendant lights from the RIO collection or our modern pendant lights with an industrial edge from the EON collection.

Now let's dive into the different colour finishes that we offer for our brass pendant lights:

Brushed brass pendant lights - The warm glow of this hand-brushed metallic finish makes brushed brass a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. One of the best products to admire the hand-brushed finish is our CANDLELIGHT collection, where the angle of the brush strokes gently follows the curved edge of the light fixture base.

Antique brass pendant - If it is a deep aged brass look that you are after, you will be spoilt for choice, with many of our designer pendant lights offering aged brass or patinated brass as one of the available finishes. However, we feel that our AVA collection, with its minimal and clean lines, shows off the antique brass look particularly well - and note that AVA comes with dimming options, which allow you to further personalise this beautiful pendant (available on request).

Black pendant light - Deep and dramatic, all of our black pendant lights are made from solid brass that is blackened through a manual chemical process. The result is a striking finish that is made to last and maintain its beauty for many years to come. The black finish looks beautiful in so many different pendants. However, if we have to choose only one, it would be the popular LIA collection. The minimal character of these modern light fixtures allows the black finish to stand out against the milky white light tubes, creating an exciting yet elegant contrast.

White pendant light - Like all our collections, our white pendants are also made from solid brass. Quality, longevity and timeless design are at the heart of everything we do - and whitened brass finish is reserved exclusively for our award-winning CANDLELIGHT collection. This unusual pendant light comes with a choice of wax or glass candle. If you decide on a wax candle, we think that black one creates a particularly striking combination with the white brass base!

Nickel pendant lights - Nickel, unlike chrome, has a much warmer undertone - often likened to the traditional sterling silver look. KAIA offers both a polished and brushed nickel finish for a wide range of pendant lighting products. Due to the character of nickel, we love the way it looks in combination with industrial-inspired lighting design, such as our EON collection. With its modular nature, EON is the perfect pendant lighting for modern kitchens or office spaces looking for a beautifully designed source of task lighting with endless personalisation options.

Our Modern Pendant Lighting collection offers many styles and sizes to satisfy any interior lighting project.