Pure crafted perfection combined with the fascination of light in its purest and oldest form – fire. LEN is a torch that never burns down. The base material of the LEN is brass. The brass tube and plates are cut, then polished. All the components are nickel plated. Within the metal tube and underneath the lid is a glass that contains the odourless liquid paraffin.

M O D E R N F L O O R / T A B L E L A M P S

Modern floor and table lamps are the lighting details that bring together an interior and make a room feel like home. Across our collection, discover contemporary desk lamps, elegant bedside lamps, and nickel or brass floor and table lamps each hand-crafted by artisans using sustainable materials and processes. Each understated floor and table lamp is handmade in Germany to embody high-end craftsmanship that is both contemporary and timeless.