GLOW is a new collection inspired by the Inner Glow – a sculptural lighting piece designed in collaboration with French architect and designer Sophie Dries. This collection sees Inner Glow’s grandeur distilled into a more compact form suitable for the contemporary home. The designers’ choice of paper is an evolution of the papier-mâché process and has a raw, textural quality that resembles stone. The glass is custom-made for Kaia by an artisan glassmaker, layered onto these mouth-blown glass eggs, the paper appears to ‘grow’ and take on a life of its own.


M O D E R N  C H A N D E L I E R S

For a touch of understated glamour, discover modern chandeliers by KAIA. Statement lighting is the jewellery of a room interior and, much like jewels, these lights don’t have to be dramatic to make their presence known. Our collection features modern brass and brushed nickel chandeliers that are customisable to complement your interior style. Light up your living room with luxury chandeliers that blur the line between functional lighting and sculptural art, crafted from mouth-blown glass in a range of bold and elegant designs. For the bedroom, you can find luxury chandeliers that experiment with organic materials like papier-mache alongside contemporary minimalist circular chandeliers embedded with LEDs. Every chandelier is designed in collaboration with Europe’s finest creators and craftspeople, who each champion traditional materials and processes