rio suspension

The RIO collection, designed by Peter Straka, is based on the mesmeric properties of a nimbus – the white rings that appear around the moon when light refracts through ice crystals in the atmosphere. RIO Out Pendant showcases these characteristics with a large solid brass ring embedded with LED lights on the inside only. This halo-like circle of even light is suspended from a network of three brass stems, which converge into one and meet the ceiling at a fixed point. The resulting pendant appears to hover effortlessly in mid-air, casting sculptural shadows onto the ceiling.

RIO IN AND OUT CEILING  Ø 1100 mm - 34 mm x 47 mm; Ø 43,30 '' - 1,33 '' x 1,85 ''
RIO OUT CEILING  Ø 900 mm - 25 mm x 27 mm; Ø 35,43'' - 0,98 '' x 1,06 ''
RIO IN CEILING Ø 900 mm - 25 mm x 27 mm; Ø 35,43 '' - 0,98 '' x 1,06 ''


M O D E R N   P E N D A N T  L I G H T S

Modern pendant lights deliver effortless style and subtle impact to any room. Our edit features minimalist hand-blown glass pendant lights finished in traditional, smokey and coloured glass, alongside brass pendant lights that bring contemporary edge. Hanging a pendant light above a kitchen island creates a striking centerpiece and depth of perspective, while pendant lights in stairwells are an effortless way to dazzle. Across our collection, you can find pendant lights that pair perfectly with the dining room to instill ambience or make a statement. Each design is custom-made and hand-crafted in traditional workshops in Bavaria using sustainable materials and processes.