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Lighting sets the atmosphere of the room, and with our modern lives demanding rooms to multitask, our contemporary designer lighting allows you to create the perfect ambience.


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Designer light fittings, fixtures and free standing lamps all work together to create the atmosphere of an interior. It is essential to understand that as each room fulfils more than one function, the lighting design should also offer a multitude of combinations to satisfy modern homes' needs. Three essential lighting types to be considered are; ambience lighting, task lighting and accentlighting (also referred to as 'mood lighting').

Ambient lighting - Also called 'general lighting' or 'background lighting', focuses on the room's overall lighting. The goal of ambient lighting is to provide sufficient and consistent illumination to the entire interior, based on its primary function. Popular solutions from KAIA's collections include our modern chandelier lights, designer pendant lights or - in the absence of the ceiling lights, our contemporary wall lights, which are often a popular choice (with the NEA wall light being our all time bestseller).

Task lighting - Provides additional illumination to the areas where activities require crisper light settings, such as reading, cooking, writing, etc. For example, you might want to add one of our modern floor lamps near your favourite armchair to comfortably enjoy reading a book without straining your eyesight. Or add KAIA's designer table lamp to the desk where you like to review paperwork. Task lighting is particularly important for task-oriented rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, and studies.

Accent lighting - Probably the most creative one of the lighting types, accent lighting is all about creating a 'mood' within your interior. Designers often choose modern lighting fixtures to highlight a particular architectural feature within a space or draw attention to selected artwork. Wall sconces such as the LIA collection are a popular choice as these modern wall lights gently illuminate the space, while seamlessly blending in with the surrounding interior when switched off.

The minimalist and timeless design of our light fixtures and fittings makes them perfect for layering, while dimmable switches, available for many of our modern pendant lights, contemporary wall lights, designer floor lamps and table lamps, will help you create the perfect atmosphere every time.

All of KAIA's designer lights are made by hand from solid brass in hand-selected family-run metal and blown glass workshops across Central and West Europe. These modern light fittings and fixtures are then hand finished in our lighting workshop in Germany and offered in various metallic finishes, including brushed brass, aged brass, patinated brass, blackened brass, polished or brushed nickel and more.

Regardless of what contemporary designer lighting product you seek, our lights are designed to be timeless and adorn any interior style despite ever-changing trends. We strive to maximise the lifecycle of our lights. That's why our sustainability pledge guarantees that every lighting product you purchase from KAIA comes with a complimentary lifetime repair service.

Enjoy browsing through our modern lighting collections. If you need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact our team at, who will be delighted to assist with any lighting project - whether you are specifying for a design scheme or your own home.