Designer, inventor and artist

Markus benesch

"The world needs greater optimism
and courage when creating.“

The installations of Markus Benesch can be placed between art, design and fashion. He does not limit himself to the design of an object but aspires to invent a complex world with all its components.

architect and designer

sophie dries

"I don’t want to brand myself with a certain style. It’s true that maybe I don’t have a label that’s easy to sum up in three sentences, but I think what’s typical for my work is really my use of materials and textures with pure lines and to create contrast. I’m obsessed with paradoxes. I really want every project to be different and bespoke."



German artist Maximilian Prüfer’s profound creations delve into the anthropocene‘s human influence on nature and spotlight its global implications. His work primarily focuses on the interconnection of three spheres: nature, animals, and humans, emphasising humanity‘s inherent ties to nature despite our modern detachment.



Clay captivated Ula with its tactile, raw vulnerability and inspired her to reflect on the origin of human connection, how we fit in the world that surrounds us and what makes us who we are. Every living being’s intrinsic blend of algorithmic DNA and spontaneous events is a theme echoed in my works.


peter straka

"The design process is a complete cycle and a continuous journey without beginning or end."

Peter Straka is the designer behind many of the company’s lighting objects. He is a graduate of Industrial Design at the Viennese University of Applied Arts and a trained metalworker and engineer.



John Whelan is a specialist in heritage design and creative direction and is the founder of award-winning design studio The Guild of Saint Luke (GSL).