A single hand-blown glass sphere is suspended from a brushed brass or nickel stem in ORA Single, encapsulating the ORA collection and its emphasis on simplicity of form. Now available with a fabric cable, which can easily be adjusted to the required length onsite. Multiple different finishes are offered, it is perfect for creating the right ambience for a cosy night in.

M O D E R N   P E N D A N T  L I G H T S

Modern pendant lights deliver effortless style and subtle impact to any room. Our edit features minimalist hand-blown glass pendant lights finished in traditional, smokey and coloured glass, alongside brass pendant lights that bring contemporary edge. Hanging a pendant light above a kitchen island creates a striking centerpiece and depth of perspective, while pendant lights in stairwells are an effortless way to dazzle. Across our collection, you can find pendant lights that pair perfectly with the dining room to instill ambience or make a statement. Each design is custom-made and hand-crafted in traditional workshops in Bavaria using sustainable materials and processes.