In Conversation with Sophie Dries

French architect and designer Sophie Dries is the creative visionary behind Inner Glow, an experimental sculptural chandelier exhibited by Kaia at Walden exhibition 2020. Sophie collaborated with luxury design and architecture firms including Atelier Jean Nouvel and Pierre Yovanovitch before starting her own studios in Paris and Milan. Her experimental approach to materials and sustainably-minded ethos work in perfect harmony with Kaia, and in this month’s journal we find out more about her life, work, and inspiration.

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Timeless Brass Wall Light Ideas

Material is the focal point of every luxury lighting object Kaia creates, and our metal of choice is brass formed of a mix of zinc and copper. Not only is brass a soft and aesthetically pleasing material, but it’s incredibly versatile and lends itself to an array of different finishes. At Kaia, our hand-crafted brass […]

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Sustainable Interior Design and Lighting

As we watch the climate crisis and global warming wreak havoc on the planet, people are rethinking how and what they consume. Designers and architects hold immense power in helping to push forward that shift in consciousness.

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