Deliberate lighting choices are the easiest way to infuse your space with an intimate atmosphere that welcomes you home. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between form and function when it comes to lighting selection. A wide range of options allows accent, ambient, and task lighting to add aesthetic and structural elements to a room, without compromising functionality. Create a signature ambiance with lighting that enhances your home, spurs conversation, and welcomes guests in

ORA 8 , 2140 mm x 750 mm x 420 mm ,  Glass Ø 200 mm

Ora 8 
sculptural light by Peter Straka  


How Does Lighting Create Atmosphere?

Lighting helps to create a home’s atmosphere when the three primary forms of lighting are properly curated and layered in a way that marries purpose and style. 


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the foundation of creating an intimate atmosphere throughout your space. The primary source of light in a room, ambient lighting can be complemented with accent and task lighting to create a comprehensive lighting scheme that creates an intentional warmth to your home.
RIO in Suspension’s seemingly effortless suspension denotes the homage to a nimbus that the RIO collection is based on. Warm brass and clear LED lights cast a soft light that creates an intimate moment at a dining or coffee table.


RIO IN SUSPENSION, project by Smallbone devizes

Credit: RIO IN SUSPENSION, project by Smallbone devizes

The delicacy of the ORA collection’s mouth-blown orbs contrasts with the mechanical brass stems and rings that create the sculptural design of an ORA piece. The balance between the two creates an elegant whimsy that is further enhanced when installed, particularly with a dimmer switch.
Lighting that can provide multi-functional uses are rare. Thankfully, AVA is a multi-tasking piece that can instantly switch the LED bulbs between direct and indirect light. 


AVA Suspension, Pure designed pendant lght by Kaia

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting lets you highlight features of your space that invoke the sentiment that you want to inspire in your home. Draw attention to a favorite piece of art, or architectural detail with lighting that accentuates the feature, not overpower it.


Credit: Project by thehousethatjaneandjackbuilt
Let a picture light hang over your latest artistic acquisition to invite conversation, or place wall sconces along a textured or wallpapered hallway to properly showcase its details. The linear style and intricate marble tones of the NEA wall marble light give a depth fixture when installed that is matched in interest with the unique properties of the marble base. Introduce large-scale accent lighting when possible like a LIA Wall Sconce that soars over three feet tall.


LIA WALL SCONCE, modern minimal wall light by Kaia


Task Lighting

Though its name evokes work, task lighting doesn’t need to be boring. Task lighting is an opportunity to highlight an area that is used for specific or detailed work. Curling up in a cozy reading nook with a book, or refilling your guests’ glass without spilling a drop requires task lighting so you can concentrate on the task at hand.  Brighter than ambient lighting, task lighting is often integrated as spotlights, track lighting or lamps. LIA floor and table lamps offer classic lines with bright illumination designed to make your task easy, and your room perfectly styled.




How Can You Combine Them to Create an Intimate Atmosphere?

Creating an intimate atmosphere requires a sophisticated balance between the three lighting types. Consider how your space is used, and the kind of light that you will require. Do you get a lot of natural light? Does the room get dark early in the day?


GLOW 5, modern statement chandelier by Kaia, designed by Sophie Dries


Once you understand the amount of light you need, start to layer in your lighting pieces. Add a combination of lighting styles to create a cohesive lighting plan that doesn’t rely on a single light fixture or style. Add table lamps that can be switched on at dusk to create a cozy evening glow while also integrating pendant lights over a dining table to make dinner an intimate event.


ORA 6, modern statement chandelier by Kaia, project by rodriguezdesignstudio
 Credit: ORA 6, project by rodriguezdesignstudio
Be mindful of how your lighting transitions throughout your home. Keep a balanced flow throughout. Use the same tone of bulbs throughout so that your spaces aren’t harshly contrasted between cool and warm bulbs.  


How Can You Use Special Pieces to Add to the Ambiance?

Lighting has evolved from being purely functional. Today, there are pieces that are just as sculptural as they are effective. Enhance an intimate atmosphere with lighting that serves double duty as art. Unexpected finishes, non-traditional installation, and unique elements are all qualities of a light fixture that is anything but simple. Embrace contemporary grandeur with GLOW which merges hand-crafted brass, custom-made glass, and organic paper to create an architectural marvel.


GLOW 2, modern chandelier by Kaia, designed by Sophie Dries


LEN modern table light by Kaia  
Infuse candlelight into your space for a natural element that breeds intimacy. Pair wax candles with the metallic finish of a LEN torch that acts as the sleek vessel for a paraffin flame. The aptly named CANDLELIGHT was created to combine the romantic light of a candle with the efficiency of a task light. 
With its soft spotlight, the luminaire will illuminate your table with a warm glow. You can also adjust the brightness and colour of the spotlight with simple gesture control. The unique lighting experience is accomplished with a real wax candle, which can be replaced by a glass candle with an electric light source.

CandleLight, modern pendant light by Kaia, designed by Sebastian Hepting

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