Posted on December 17, 2020
Beautiful lighting is as important in a bathroom as it is in any other room of the house. In fact, luxury bathroom lighting has the power to enhance a space and create a sense of calm and rejuvenation. It can merge artfully into the background. Its boldness can draw attention and hold the eye. It can walk the line between aesthetic appeal and stark functionality. Or it can take turns to achieve all of those effects, and more.


At Kaia, our emphasis is on thoughtful and expertly hand-crafted lighting that instills ambiance in high-end interior design. This month we share tips and inspiration for introducing timeless lighting into luxury bathrooms. To do this, we’re taking a look at how interior designers are using Kaia lighting products in intriguing ways to achieve a range of interior moods.
NEA MARBLE _studiopietboon Interior design project by Studio Piet Boon
Uplifting feng-shui is the thread running through this city view apartment project by Piet Boon. The designer uses different structures and finishes to take advantage of the sixth-floor apartment’s plentiful natural light. Here, a quartet of NEA WALL lights sits in symmetry to frame a duo of sinks and mirrors. Straightforward design renders these luxury wall lights subtle yet intriguing enough to complement the minimalist aesthetic without fading into the background. Form meets functionality.
Marble bathrooms are becoming increasingly synonymous with luxury. To us, this is down to marble’s natural ability to balance simplicity and intrigue. Design studio Banda Property paid careful attention to this when designing Apartment 6, situated on the third floor of a classic Grade-II Listed building in West London. They contrast veined grey marble with burnished brass and the bold green marble of NEA WALL – created in collaboration with Banda – to embody a sense of elegance and serenity.
SIM Interior design project by Maison Artefact
A quiet and considered palette forms the basis of this ongoing project, a Georgian-style residence by Maison Artefact. Natural materials in raw, organic forms are the focal points in each room. Here, our clean and refined SIM FRAME brings just the right level of detail and keeps attention firmly on the hand-crafted sink and cabinetry.
Interior design project by Banda Property Interior design project by Banda Property
Banda Property sought to blend shapes, natural textures, craftsmanship and history in each room of this newly renovated London apartment. In the luxury bathroom, they use brushed brass fixtures to draw out beauty and detail in the floor-to-ceiling veined marble. Brushed brass holds in place our NEA WALL W/PLATE lights, two of which sit side-by-side and meld into the stark whiteness of the marble.
Interior design project by Atelier Estimo Interior design project by Atelier Estimo
Using a range of light sources is a well-known way to create an atmosphere in a room. In the bathroom of this Zurich apartment project, Atelier Estimo backlights natural stone to amplify its veins and uses MEL WALL to light up the vanity mirrors. Thanks to its timeless elegance, MEL WALL adds a touch of understated luxury.
Interior design project by Elnaz Namaki Interior design project by Elnaz Namaki
Archetypically traditional styles of marble are often brought into the 2020s with carefully considered contemporary details. Elnaz Namaki embodies this in the luxury marble bathroom of a Notting Hill House project. Open pipework and polished blackened fixtures, including our MEA WALL 100 in blackened nickel, give the room a contemporary edge. MEA is another of our most minimal lighting fixtures, designed to blend into the background while maintaining aesthetic appeal.
Interior design project by Valeria Lazareva    Interior design project by Valeria Lazareva
Interior design project by Valeria Lazareva
More often than not we see NEA WALL placed vertically, but here Valeria Lazareva uses the small but perfectly formed wall light a little differently – and it works. Contrasting dramatically veined marble and rich wood-panelled walls calls for pared-back fittings and fixtures. That’s exactly where NEA’s simplicity performs at its best.