Posted on August 26, 2020
Material is the focal point of every luxury lighting object Kaia creates, and our metal of choice is brass formed of a mix of zinc and copper. Not only is brass a soft and aesthetically pleasing material, but it’s incredibly versatile and lends itself to an array of different finishes. At Kaia, our hand-crafted brass wall lights are finished in polished, brushed, or patinated brass or nickel – avoiding environmentally damaging processes like powder coating. You can read more about sustainable interior design and our environmentally friendly approach to lighting design in last month’s blog post.
This month we’re turning the lens on high-quality brass wall lighting. With a sustainable mind and penchant for long-lasting pieces, here we share tips and inspiration on how to create timeless interiors with hand-crafted brass wall lights.
The Barcelone EDITION HOTEL featuring NEA WALL Light      by Banda Property
The Barcelona edition Hotel featuring nea wall light. Interior design by Banda Property featuring Mell Wall 50 light

Wall lights to frame art and boldness: nea wall & nea wall plate

The minimalist silhouette of NEA wall and NEA wall plate almost melds into its surroundings, giving bolder palettes the chance to sing. Kaia designer Peter Straka sought to distil light into its simplest, most timeless form in NEA wall. We often see this brass wall light used to amplify collectible art, or to frame mirrors and complement veined marble in luxury bathroom projects. During the day you might not be able to notice these lights, keeping attention on the rest of the room instead. A truly versatile brass wall light.
Brass wall lights – NEA Wall

Wall lights to balance contemporary and classic: mea wall

Neutral palettes and bathrooms that converge contemporary and classic come alive under the soft glow of MEA Wall. If you’re looking to give edge to traditional elements of a design scheme, this brass wall light is for you. SHH Architects strike this balance in their bathroom project pictured below, contrasting parquet, gilt mirrors and vintage woven rugs with spherical forms and clean, modern lines. Hand-crafted from solid brass, MEA Wall comes in two sizes and in a variety of finishes including brushed brass, blackened brass and polished nickel.
by SHH Architects     by SHH Architects
Interior design SHH Architects featuring MEA Wall light

Wall lights to light up the hallway: sim frame small & large

Hallways can be overlooked when it comes to choosing ambient lighting, so we designed SIM FRAME to counter the narrative. It’s formed of an even panel of light held in place by a brass base that sits flush to the wall. This means it’s subtle enough to use repetitively along a hallway and creates a soft glow that emphasises the proportions of a space.
Brass wall lights – SIM frame large & SIM frame small 50, SIM frame 100
SIM frame’s pared-back finish and size variations also work well in modern bathrooms, particularly as a task brass wall light framing a mirror as it’s also IP44 rated. Like NEA Wall, this brass wall light can easily fade into its surroundings during the day – making it best suited for spaces that benefit from simplicity.
by Catherine Weinstock - Holiday House
Catherine Weinstock – Holiday House 2017, feat SIM FRAME LARGE

Wall lights to elevate living spaces: ora twin & ora wall

We often think of ORA Wall and ORA Twin as two of the most versatile of our brass wall lights. The brass backplate adds a subtle feeling of opulence, but the simple, spherical shape of the mouth-blown glass keeps the overall look understated and almost vintage-esque.
Brass wall lights – ORA WALL Twin, ORA Wall
Elegant living spaces using neutral hues and organic shapes are elevated by the strategically placed ORA TWIN. For those of you looking for an alternative to the bedside lamp, ORA Wall also sits perfectly in symmetry above coordinated bedside tables.

Wall lights to amplify geometric minimalism: mel wall 50

Brass wall lights – MEL WALL 50
If you’re designing an ultra-minimal space with a monochromatic palette and focus on geometric form, you might not want to add surfaces for table lamps. MEL WALL 50 is simple enough to complement a minimalist design scheme. At the same time, its trio of tubular LED lights and geometric brass fixture provide a little more depth of perspective than some of Kaia’s simpler brass wall lights.
by Banda Property Interior design by Banda Property featuring NEA Wall Plate