REINCARNATION is an edition sculptural light project reflecting on the potential that lies in what is often discarded and speaks passionately about sustainability by reinterpreting leftover materials. This collection of ceramic lamps is born from recycled crushed ceramics, marble, paper and wood dust ‒ waste sourced from unit89’s own studio and other creators, turning overlooked remnants into luminous masterpieces. Central to the project is a duality: the precision of mathe-matical form meets the raw essence of materiality. This results in creations that highlight the inherent beauty of imperfections, inviting viewers to see the world through a lens that marries precision with unpredictability.

Designed by Ula Saniawa
Handmade by KAIA and Ula Saniawa


Unit89 is an art studio based in London, UK founded by Ula Saniawa, working primarily with clay in varying scales, specialising in art installations. Drawing from themes of duality and growth, Ula’s work endeavours to navigate the delicate balance between order and chaos. With roots in architecture (having studied it at the Architectural Association School of Architecture and London Metropolitan University), Ula views our environment as the foundation for each piece, aiming for them to create a dialogue with their surroundings, accentuating voids and shadows as much as their form.

Clay captivated Ula with its tactile, raw vulnerability and inspired her to reflect on the origin of human connection, how we fit in the world that surrounds us and what makes us who we are. Every living being’s intrinsic blend of algorithmic DNA and spontaneous events is a theme echoed in my works. Each handcrafted piece with the same lineage holds unique gestures, creating conversations among them, emphasizing simultaneously their shared essence and distinct identities and inviting the meditation on the world where structure coexists in synergy with the unexpected.