By Kaia

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‘Cutting through darkness‘

300 x 125mm - 11,81 x 4,92 ''

A Kaia design classic, LIA Wall SCONCE 30 sees two 300 mm glass tubes between two hand-crafted brass fixtures, each finished in a choice of polished or brushed nickel, brushed brass, or blackened brass. The result is a minimalist lighting object that captivates when on, and almost disappears into its surroundings when turned off – embodying the union of technical rigour and timelessness.

Handmade by Kaia

Please see Product Specification Sheet for more information. 

Available metal finishes:
Brushed brass
Blackened brass
Brushed nickel
Polished nickel

For more information about our material, see Kaia Materials or download our Kaia Materials (.pdf) brochures.