The 'Empyrean' installation, crafted by GSL Works and KAIA for Milan Design Week 2024, invites visitors into an enigmatic atmosphere, shrouded in a deep black palette that evokes a sense of darkness and intrigue. The installation plays with contrasts, light and space, present and past, craftsmanship and innovation, redefining the boundaries of design. Within its confines, visitors encounter lighting fixtures and elegant furnishings displayed across two distinct areas.

In the first room chamber, a blend of fresh additions like the KAIA wall lamp and the latest furniture design intermingle with selections from the existing collection. These pieces, conceived to seamlessly integrate into KAIA's portfolio, also harmonize to articulate the installation's overarching vision. Each item bears testament to meticulous craftsmanship, epitomizing a commitment to artisanal excellence.

The second room focuses the attention on the collaborative efforts of GSL Works and KAIA, spotlighting the 'Empyrean' Chandelier and the 'Trap' Sconce. Here, the chandelier's luminance dances through the space, casting shadows that play across the black mirror film, captivating onlookers with its mesmerizing display.

The ambiance is enhanced by the addition of fabrics and bolted rubber flooring, contributing layers of texture to the environment. The entirety of the surroundings is bathed in a black hue, heightening the installation's monochromatic charm and emphasizing the significance of light, in alignment with the brand's ethos. Additionally, a chain curtain adorns the space, introducing elements of depth and tactile intrigue, accentuating the installation's dark aesthetic.