KAIA means both light and shade. We love to unite opposites.

Manifesting our philosophy through collaborations with European designers and artists, our creative fusion results in distinctive, high-quality lighting objects, each a testament to the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and design.

Sustainability lies at the core of our operations. Emphasising natural and reusable materials. We supports a circular economy in design, opting for products that reduce waste and promote repairability. Our carefully selected suppliers adhere to responsible sourcing and low or zero-waste manufacturing.

Every product from KAIA is an antithesis of mass production. We meticulously handpick artisans and family-run workshops based in Europe whose ethos aligns with their own, ensuring each piece is a reflection of timeless design and artisanal expertise. Our's values embrace the harmony of art, construction, and craftsmanship. We create objects exuding functional beauty, simplicity, and elegance. Each component, whether glass, marble, or metal, undergoes thorough quality control before assembly in our German workshop. Prioritising environmental consciousness, we predominantly use brass and avoids plastics. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures all their procedures and workshops adhere to environmental laws.