The palazzo BAGATTI VALSECCHI is one of the most fascinating, renaissance style historical palaces in Milan. This year, as part of a Palazzo Delle Meraviglie group event, KAIA Lighting together with Amy Somerville will be taking over the impressive SALA DA PRANZO tapestried dining room. In a response to the mesmerising environment, KAIA has woven its own master piece - a striking centre piece chandelier - THE GOLDEN FLEECE. The Munich based designer Markus Benesch looked for inspiration in the Greek methodology of the Golden Fleece. The myth is known, that a prince named Phrixus was given a golden Ram as a gift from the king of gods, Zeus. When the golden Ram died Phrixus wove the most magnificent and precious drapery of all - THE GOLDEN FLEECE. Using simple yet refined raw brass elements, this installation pushes the boundaries of brass manufacturing and latest LED technology to create an interwoven piece, which celebrates a newly created magnificent chandelier with rigorous architectural forms.

Designed by Markus Benesch Creates

Handmade by KAIA