Choosing the lighting scheme for a hallway or stairway can be a tricky task. Sometimes that’s down to the transitory nature of these spaces, their occasionally awkward architecture, or the fact that they can become an interior afterthought. Yet they’re usually the first thing you see when you step foot inside a building, which means they have the power to set the tone for the rest of a design scheme. This month, then, we’re sharing our tips and inspiration on how to introduce clever hallway and stairway lighting for contemporary interiors.

Project by Nidus Studio

A cluster of pendant lights – such as our LIA suspensions – makes a statement against a minimalist backdrop. Because they’re hung vertically and positioned just off-centre, the simplicity of the trio mirrors the clean geometric lines seen in the stairwell behind. Set against high ceilings and cavernous proportions, they also draw just enough attention without overpowering the space.

Narrow hallways are just as much of a canvas for clever lighting, and this project is ample proof. Positioned at diagonally intersecting angles, a series of MEA suspension lights draws the eye up and elongates the space. Their ultra-contemporary form and exposed wiring also contrast with the period wall panelling to create an atmosphere of modern grandeur.

Project by Lenzwerk Monaco, Villa Nuvola

Sometimes a pop of colour is all it takes to elevate a pared-back, monochromatic scheme. Here, ETU is featured in a custom blue glass finish, with stark blackened brass that marries with the choice of black leather recliner. Its vibrancy is both reflected and intersected by a cleverly positioned mirror-turned-artwork, doubling its impact in the space.

Project by Olia Paliychuk

Clean and considered lines are everything in this hallway. The simple silhouette of our MEA wall, finished in brushed brass, aligns with the wrought geometric staircase and sharply cut wooden steps to create a minimalists’ paradise. One metre long in size, this version of MEA is noteworthy enough to stand alone.


Wall lighting is a clever and simple way to add a touch of contemporary to period architecture. Here, the smallest iteration of our LIA wall light hangs solo from the wall, offering a modern take on the traditional wall sconce. Finished in blackened brass, it’s a striking point of difference against the muted palette seen across the space.

The veined marble of our NEA marble light adds a subtle point of difference in an otherwise pure, clean space where white-on-white reigns supreme. In a sparse design scheme like this one, the sleek linear form of a wall light maintains aesthetic balance and adds functionality without taking over the space.


Cavernous, statement staircases like this one demand lighting solutions that match their dramatic energy and proportion. At one metre in circumference, ONA provides exactly that. This sculptural chandelier is hand-crafted from brass and both captures the eye and fills the space – all while complementing the refined simplicity of the space.

This is another example of pairing a minimalist, linear wall light – our SIM 100 – on a narrow wall and alongside an adjacent sculptural staircase. The result is a light that almost melds into the background when it’s turned off, keeping the focus on the overall atmosphere of the hallway.

Project by Valeria Lazareva

Clashing period and contemporary lighting is an intriguing choice of scheme, and here the designer positions a series of NEA wall lights at an elevated height to draw attention upwards. This amplifies the architectural detail on the ceiling, and illuminates what is otherwise a compact and windowless space.