By Kaia

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800 x 200 x 1410 mm - 31, 56 x 7,87 x 55,51 ″
Glass Ø 200 x 260 mm - Ø 7,87 x 10,23 ″

Lunar Glow is a limited-edition lighting object that adapts the aesthetic of Glow 3. Papier- mâché appears to ‘grow’ over three mouth-blown glass eggs in light pink and champagne glass. Each is then suspended by oiled, waxed and aged brass to create a chandelier that contrasts sharp geometricity with organic form.

Lunar Glow was commissioned for the CTMP Design Auction at Milan Design Week 2021, a partnership between Cambi auction house and Mr. Lawrence design consultancy. The project is a celebration of the most influential voices in contemporary collectible design.

200 06 Oiled & waxed and aged brass with light pink and champagne glass and white shaped papier-mâché

Designed by Sophie Dries
Handmade by Kaia

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