MEA Ceiling / Wall 30

300 mm x 28 mm x 80 mm

‘Line of light‘

Light in its most minimal form: the linear lamp as an aesthetic object, anchored at both ends. The optional back plate mirrors the reflection.

040 04 101 Polished nickel.
040 04 109 Polished blackened nickel.
040 04 201 Brushed nickel.
040 04 301 Satinated nickel.
040 04 202 Brushed brass.
040 04 208 Patinated brass.
040 04 209 Blackened brass.

Designed by Peter Straka

Spec Sheet (.pdf)
Metal finishes
Metal finishes

Metal finishes

1. Satinated Nickel

Plated Brass, hand brushed/ satinated in our Viennese workshop.

2. Blackened Polished Nickel

Mirror like black nickel finish applied on brass surface.

3. Blackened Brass

Patinated at a small specialized family run workshop in the UK.

4. Brushed Brass

Hand brushed brass with a clear lacquer to maintain natural effect.

5. Brushed Nickel

Plated brass, hand brushed in our Viennese workshop .



All our lighting objects are hand crafted in our Workshop in Austria, all made to order. Our chosen metal material, which is the basis of all metal shapes and plating process is brass. We work closely together with small, local and family owned Workshops in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. Each of them is a master in their own craftsmanship, being it welding, cutting, bending or finally plating the metal into its desired shape and finish. We firmly stand behind everything we make and will do what is necessary to ensure that we meet highest quality standards.