Glass Ø 350 mm

Inspired by old laboratory glassware as well as vintage whiskey bottles and decanters. KAIA’s ETU pendant is a celebration of pure and simple forms. A metal shaped counter cone is fixed inside the glass and held in place by a set of small screws, which in turn links to the pendant’s slim brass stem. This simple but perfectly resolved construction is proudly displayed for all to see in keeping with KAIA’s tradition of celebrating the beauty of function.

170 01 207 Brushed, oiled and waxed brass.
170 01 208 Brushed, oiled and waxed patinated brass.
170 01 201 Brushed nickel.

Designed by Peter Straka

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Metal finishes
Metal finishes

Metal finishes

1. Blackened Brass

Patinated at a small specialized family run workshop in the UK.

2. Brushed Nickel

Plated brass, hand brushed in our Viennese workshop .

3. Brushed Oiled Brass

Brushed oiled waxed brass is our unlacquered or "living" finish, meaning it may patina over time.

4. Patinated Brass

Applied by the industry experts at a small workshop in the UK.

5. Polished Nickel

A plated finish, over brass.

Glass colours
Glass colours

Glass colours

1. Ocean Blue

2. Crystal Clear

3. Custom

4. Smoky Grey


Hand-blown glass

When working with glass, we source the glass from old family owned traditional businesses from Bavaria or the Czech Republic. Our Workshops are known for immaculate handcrafts and tradition. Each glass is blown by mouth, using KAIA’s own and unique carved moulds made from solid wood. Our exceptional hand-made glass can be offered in different complex shades such as smoky grey, crystal clear and ocean blue. For our custom projects, our glass artisans can accommodate many special requirements.


All our lighting objects are hand crafted in our Workshop in Austria, all made to order. Our chosen metal material, which is the basis of all metal shapes and plating process is brass. We work closely together with small, local and family owned Workshops in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. Each of them is a master in their own craftsmanship, being it welding, cutting, bending or finally plating the metal into its desired shape and finish. We firmly stand behind everything we make and will do what is necessary to ensure that we meet highest quality standards.